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The unique summer vacation!

Hidden gems in nature's most beautiful treasure trove. 

Sapphire blue glaciers, emerald green fjord arms, diamond white waterfalls or calm mountain lakes that sparkle like gold. A thousand-colored velvet rug of wooded slopes and mountain sides that brings it all together into a magical world that is difficult to describe. You simply have to come and see for yourself.
The unique nature, the best memories and the greatest experiences.

Charming fjord villages, local slow food, stately hotels, adrenaline and resting heart rate in joy and interaction. Take the puls of the Sognefjord this summer.

Culture that is inherited, based on nature, local produce, experiences and diversity. 

The Sognefjord is the definition of the fjord landscape and fjord Norway.

Adventure awaits

  • 3 hours from Bergen
  • 4 hours from Oslo
  • 5 hours from Trondheim


"The Sognefjord gives you balance, insight, peace of mind, calm and a resting heart rate. And for the adrenalin junkies; scream if you want to go faster!


"Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord, will steal your breath and heart."

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What is Sognapuls?

Sognapuls is your own heartbeats, it is our heartbeats, the ones that beat when you are here with us. It is the present and the moments you experience there and then. It is the pulse you have when you get involved, enjoy yourself, experience something fantastic. It can be the resting pulse when you sit on the balcony of one of our historic hotels. It can be a high pulse in a RIB boat on the Sognefjord. It can be a calm pulse when you sit on a mountain top and look out over the beautiful fjord landscape. It may be the only thing you hear, your own heart rate when you glide across a quiet Sognefjord in a kayak. Take the pulse of the Sognefjord or let the Sognefjord take your pulse.

Sognapulsen - the pulse of the Sognefjord.


Activities along the Sognefjorden

The natural landscape is full of contrasts, which facilitates fantastic nature experiences and refreshing activities for all ages and levels, regardless of whether you want a high or low pulse. From the highest mountains of over two thousand meters and down to the fjord. Did you know that along the Sognefjord there are several sandy beaches? 

Skilled local guides are ready to take you on a trip on the glaciers in the fairytale world of the blue ice in Jostedalen, or on the Sognefjord in a kayak or RIB boat.

Join a quiet, electric fjord cruise, visit a Viking Village, bike rides by the fjord, fishing in the deep fjord or mountain hikes everywhere. 

Nigardsbreen barn foto Vegard Aasen
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Experience idyllic Fjord villages

Take life in your stride and explore picturesque fjord settlements with memories of a bygone era. Take part in a rich cultural history that still makes its mark on the everyday lives of those who live there.

Several of the fjord villages along the Sognefjord stand as they did 100 years ago, the nature and mood of the people are also the same. Accustomed to welcoming travelers, give them a safe night's rest. Read more here: Fjord villages.

Stay in a luxury hotel, sleep in a barn, a boathouse, maybe you will wake up on the edge of a cliff with panoramic views straight down into the fjord. Live in a mirrored box with invisible walls, we call it Fjord Royal. Because you feel a little royal here in the beach zone of the king of the fjords.

Just going to bed at night is an experience. Or as they say, one for the bucketlist. Did you know that fjord village is one of the most used words when foreigners search for a Norwegian holiday? This is exactly what a fjord village is, a village by the fjord. The perfect home when you are away from home.

The Sognefjord is known for its idyllic and unspoilt fjord settlements, which are perfect to use as a holiday base while exploring nature and the activities nearby. In the fjord villages you will also find various accommodation options, activities, attractions and natural gems that are worth visiting!

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"The Sognefjord can be one of the big holiday favorites this summer "- see article in Vagabond Reiselyst here

Vagabond Reiselyst

A journey along the Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is Norway's longest fjord and the world's longest ice-free and inhabited fjord. Where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet at the far end of the ocean gap, the Sognefjord cuts in, all the way to the foot of Jotunheimen, where one finds Scandinavia's highest mountains.

Along the fjord are:

High mountains
Blue glaciers
Mighty waterfalls
Idyllic farms
Lush orchards

By car, train, bus or boat, you can easily travel from one adventure to another, lost for choice in magnificent nature and national cultural treasures on your way.

Find your own paradise along the fjord. Tailor your perfect summer holiday - just the way it suits you!

Feel free to read more about:

National Scenic Routes - the natural gateways to the Sognefjord

Stegastein 5859 Sverre Hjørnevik Fjord Norway 2

National Scenic Route: Aurlandsfjellet

One sees snow along the road most of the year, and the road is therefore best known as "The Snowroad". From Aurland to the viewpoint Stegastein, the road is open all year round.

More information
Gaularfjellet-Utsikten Balestrand -Foto Jiri Havran

National Scenic Route: Gaularfjellet

From Balestrand to Førde and Eldaosen-Sande you can see many beautiful waterfalls and rivers, and can be combined with a trip on the waterfall trail. Enjoy the mountain landscape on the spectacular "Viewpoint Utsikten"

More information
Nasjonal Turistveg Werner Harstad, Statens vegvesen

National Scenic Route: Sognefjellet

The national tourist route across the Sognefjellet mountain pass between Luster and Lom, is the highest and perhaps most impressive mountain pass in Northern Europe.

More information
Reviews on glacier hikes in the Sognefjord region:
"Walk on diamonds and blue ice"
"Fantastic! A unique experience!"

Attractions by the Sognefjord

Experience historical and cultural treasures. The Sognefjord has attracted explorers and artists for more than 150 years, and offers a rich cultural heritage - including several attractions from the UNESCO World Heritage List. Unique fjord settlements, local slow food, stately hotels, adrenaline and resting pulse in joy and interaction with nature, yourself and yours .. We have a culture that is inherited. The culture is based on nature, raw materials, experiences and diversity. By the Sognefjord you will find something for both new travellers and well traveled. Family activities at the museums by the Sognefjord, unique experiences and impressions.

Here you will find some of the most popular attractions:

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Reviews on the Flåm Railway:
"A great journey through fantastic landscape that will take your breath away - This is one of the world's most unique train journeys

puls sognefjord

Hiking & Biking along the Sognefjorden

In the Sognefjord region you will find many of the most beautiful and popular hiking and biking routes in Norway. Many are steep, but you also get easy paths along UNESCO fjords and down lush valleys. So whatever level you are at you will find suitable and unique trips in amazing fjord landscape!

Here are some of our favourite tours:

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More about hiking

Hiking tips:

Make the trip to Jotunheimen National Park to see Norway's highest freefalling waterfall Vettisfossen in the wild and beautiful Utladalen, or hike with a guide on the Jostedalsbreen glacier - the largest glacier on mainland Europe. Or maybe a whole day through the "love valley" Aurlandsdalen from Østerbø to Vassbygdi? Here you can leave your car at the end point and take a bus to the start point, or join the hiking bus all the way from Flåm. From Keipen in Balestrand you get a panoramic views of the Sognefjord, and along The Kings Road you will find national cultural treasures and magnificent nature.

Cycling tips:

Bring your bike and experience several of Norway's finest cycling routes along the Sognefjord with Rallarvegen between Myrdal and Flåm, "The romantic road" along the Lustrafjord or along The Kings Road in Lærdal. You can also rent bicycles in Balestrand, Sogndal, Solvorn, Skjolden, Hafslo, Flåm and Aurland, among others. The Sognefjord is perfect for cycling along the fjord or in the mighty mountain areas in the region!

"It is simply impossible to take a bad photo in this region"

"Amazing views from start til finish"

"Remarkable beauty!"


Local food experiences

Good food and drink are important elements of any successful holiday, and an equally important part of the local culture. On your journey along the Sognefjord you can enjoy delicious meals, always surrounded by spectacular nature. We have long and strong food traditions, and with fresh fish and shellfish from the fjord, fruit and vegetables from the lush valleys and game meat from our huge mountain areas, you are guaranteed a feast for both eyes and mouth. Bon Appetit!

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Food & drink

Accommodation by the Sognefjord

No matter where and how you choose to stay along the Sognefjord, you are surrounded by award-winning nature and only a short journey from activities, attractions and popular hiking routes. Here you will find accommodation for every taste and every need.

  • Historic and luxurious hotels with long traditions
  • Charming fjord hotels with everything included
  • Spacious cabins for the extended family
  • Campsites with playgrounds for the kids
Family activities, unique experiences and impressions. Summer vacation for everyone. With a nice base whether it is in a hotel, cabin or on a campsite, you have the best starting point for the unique experiences.
Hofslund Hotel kampanje 2022

Plan your holiday to the Sognefjord today

To you who ...

... wants to give your children a summer vacation with nature experiences they will remember for life

... wants to take your partner on a romantic and memorable journey, which you will remember together for life

... wants to travel on an exciting activity holiday with a group of friends, friends for life

... wants to be completely disconnected and be taken care of, a break from life

... wants to experience the cream of Norwegian nature, the good life

The Sognefjord is the definition of the fjord landscape and fjord Norway.
The unique nature, the good life, the best memories, the greatest experiences.
We are the destination you will return to, time after time.

Norwegian fjords – the world’s top unspoiled travel destination

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Plan your trip here:

With FjordMap you can easily navigate around the Sognefjord and find your activity, attraction, restaurant or accommodation. Take a look and find information about what you can experience by the Sognefjord.

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Are you ready for this year's summer vacation?

The landscape is our treasure trove, the content is us, and we gladly share this with you, we want to give you memories for life.

We want you to thrive, we want you to come back.

Welcome to the Sognefjord
- The definition of fjord norway the good life

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